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at 20:14 on March 28, 2015, EDT.

Boko Haram kills 41, legislator, but millions of Nigerians vote in close presidential election

ABUJA, Nigeria - Boko Haram extremists killed 41 people, including a legislator, and scared hundreds of people from polling stations in the northeast, but millions voted across Nigeria Saturday in the most closely contested presidential race in the nation's history.


at 18:38 on March 28, 2015, EDT.

Painstaking search for missing 2 continues after NYC blast, but hope of their survival is dim

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Searching with hands and dogs through scoops of rubble from three apartment buildings levelled in an apparent gas explosion, emergency workers painstakingly looked for signs of two missing people Saturday, though authorities acknowledged the chances were slim.


at 17:01 on March 28, 2015, EDT.

Mississippi fell short by deferring to feds in case of noose on Ole Miss statue, Meredith says

JACKSON, Miss. - James Meredith, who integrated the University of Mississippi under federal protection a half-century ago, says it's a shame that state authorities deferred to the federal government to bring charges after a noose was left on a campus statue of him.


at 16:36 on March 28, 2015, EDT.

Ohio's new rules aimed at cutting down Lake Erie's algae won't be a quick or complete fix

TOLEDO, Ohio - Ohio's latest response to the toxic algae in Lake Erie that last year contaminated one of the state's largest drinking water systems will put a stop to practices that environmentalists have complained about for years.


at 15:16 on March 28, 2015, EDT.

Decorated Boston cop in coma after being shot in face; suspect killed, bystander injured

BOSTON - A decorated Boston police officer remained in a medically induced coma Saturday, a night after he was shot in the face during a traffic stop that ended when other officers fatally shot his attacker, the city's police commissioner said.


at 15:11 on March 28, 2015, EDT.

US State Department: Serious, difficult work remains in Iran nuclear talks as deadline looms

LAUSANNE, Switzerland - Negotiations over Iran's nuclear program grew frantic on Saturday amid signs of discord, with the French and German foreign ministers joining U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in talks with Tehran's top diplomat ahead of an end-of-March deadline for a preliminary deal.


at 15:00 on March 28, 2015, EDT.

Somalia police: Attack on hotel by al-Shabab extremists ended by troops; at least 24 dead

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Blood spattered utensils, bullet-pocked walls and overturned chairs mark the reception area of a prominent hotel in the Somali capital following an attack by Islamic extremists that killed at least 24, including six attackers.


at 13:52 on March 28, 2015, EDT.

Owners of llamas that ran amok in Phoenix enclave scaling back in wake of USDA attention

PHOENIX - The llamas that became a social media sensation running around a Phoenix-area retirement enclave last month are saying goodbye to the spotlight with one last event Saturday.


at 10:35 on March 28, 2015, EDT.

Amanda Knox 'so grateful to have my life back' after Italian court overturns conviction

SEATTLE - Amanda Knox says she's "so grateful to have my life back" after Italy's highest court overturned her murder conviction in the slaying of her roommate.


at 09:54 on March 28, 2015, EDT.

German co-pilot accused of crashing Airbus frequented glider field near crash site as a child

SISTERON, France - The German co-pilot accused of crashing a passenger plane in the French Alps frequented a gliding club near the crash site as a child with his parents, according to a member of the club.


at 06:27 on March 28, 2015, EDT.

2 Czech tourists abducted by gunmen in Pakistan in 2013 released, return home

PRAGUE - Two Czech tourists who were abducted by gunmen two years ago as they were travelling on a bus through southwestern Pakistan have been released, the Czech government said on Saturday.


at 00:45 on March 28, 2015, EDT.

2 Russians, 1 American board space station; 2 to spend a year away from Earth

BAIKONUR, Kazakhstan - Two Russians and an American floated into the International Space Station on Saturday, beginning what is to be a year away from Earth for two of them.


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