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Budget Presentation in MaynoothTonight

Posted By: Ashley Thomson · 4/22/2014 11:44:00 AM

Interested residents in the Municipality of Hastings Highlands are invited out to a budget presentation.

The 2014 budget will be presented tonight from 6-8PM at the Maynooth Community Centre from 6 until 8PM.

Petawawa Councillor Murray Rutz Running for Re-Election

Posted By: Ashley Thomson · 4/22/2014 9:39:00 AM

Petawawa Councillor Murray Rutz has formally filed his papers to run for re-election.

Rutz is wrapping up his first 4 year term on Council and has played an active roll on several committees.

Rutz says his overall message is to "continue to grow"...

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Another priority is also Emergency Services and Health Clinic for the area.

The municipal election will be held October 27th.

Drug Charges Laid Against Renfrew and Dacre Residents

Posted By: Ashley Thomson · 4/21/2014 2:43:00 PM

Two people have been arrested and charged following an investigation by Renfrew OPP after receiving information on the whereabouts of a person wanted on an arrest warrant.

Officers went to a home on Vimy Blvd in Renfrew and arrested 32 year old Tyler Moore as well as 28 year old Amanda Brydges of Dacre.

During the investigation officers found a cooler with marijuana and cocaine in it, and both individuals are facing drug charges in relation to possession.

Moore was arrested and turned over to Ottawa Police to deal with their arrest warrant.

Renfrew County Women's Sexual Assault Centre Offers Support to Gallagher Victims

Posted By: Ashley Thomson · 4/21/2014 9:03:00 AM

The Renfrew County Women's Sexual Assault Centre is reminding women they are a safe and supportive place to turn for women dealing with trauma as OPP plead with more than 50 women to come forward who may have been victims of an alleged sexual predator in Petawawa.

The reminder comes as Cpl Derrick Gallagher from Garrison Petawawa faces 26 charges in relation to alleged sexual assault, voyeurism and assault.

Joanne Brooks the Director of the Women's Sexual Assault Centre says they are dedicated to helping women cope and providing them with support on making a decision to report to police or not...

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Police are urging women to come forward who may have been in Gallagher's company citing serious health issues as a main concern.

Last week OPP Sgt. Kristine Rae said the investigation is really just getting started and they expect it to continue to grow as they ...


Posted By: Brian Burton · 4/18/2014 4:21:00 PM
The Killaloe detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are investigating a single vehicle fatal motor vehicle collision that occurred at approximately 3:30 PM on Old Barry’s Bay Road yesterday (April 17)
Richard Polatynski, 67 years, was the lone occupant and operating his 2006 Dodge Caravan on Old Barry’s Bay Road when, for unknown reasons, the vehicle entered the ditch and rolled over. He died at scene.
The incident continues to be under investigation by Cst. Regamey of the Killaloe Detachment with the assistance of Technical Collision Investigators.

OPP Investigating Damages To Specialized Equipment in Cobden

Posted By: Ashley Thomson · 4/17/2014 10:23:00 AM

Renfrew OPP are currently investigating an incident in Cobden, where someone intentionally damaged equipment used to record water flow data in the Town.

The device known as a portable level water velocity logger, was installed into the sewer system under a manhole cover near the intersection of Astrolabe Road and Bonnechere Street on April 2nd.

On April 6th between 1:15 and 1:30AM someone opened the manhole cover and removed the device.

The damaged unit was thrown in a ditch nearby, missing a cable and sensor.

Renfrew OPP say the Suspect or suspects must have had knowledge where the device was installed, had a special tool to remove the manhole cover and are asking the public to report anything suspicious they may have seen in the early morning hours of April 6th.

Shirley White Officially Joins Pembroke Council

Posted By: Ashley Thomson · 4/17/2014 10:20:00 AM

The City of Pembroke has officially filled the seat left empty following the untimely passing of Councillor Colonel Towriss.

Shirley White took the Declaration of Elected Office this week this week, as well as the Oath and Affirmation of Allegiance.

White, a former Councillor with the City of Pembroke for more than two decades says she was pleased to accept the position...

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White will serve as a Councillor until the end of 2014 and has no plans just yet to run in the upcoming municipal election.

Spring Has Sprung at the Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre

Posted By: Ashley Thomson · 4/17/2014 9:56:00 AM

Spring has sprung at the Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre.

The waste recovery centre has new extended hours to accomodate residents who may be working on home renovations, yard work and spring cleaning.

Sue McCrae, the OVWRC General Manager says the nicer weather always brings more people out, motivating them to change their hours...

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There are a few things the OVWRC wants you to keep in mind if you are heading their way, children must remain in your vehicle at all times to keep them safe, wear closed toe shoes, don't smoke anywhere on the property and make sure your loads are secure when traveling to the waste recovery centre.

OPP Looking to Contact More Than 50 Alleged Victims of Cpl Derrick Gallagher. 18 Additional Charges Laid Today

Posted By: Ashley Thomson · 4/17/2014 9:33:00 AM

The Upper Ottawa Crime Unit of the OPP allege there are more than 50 women who have been victimized by Cpl. Derrick Gallagher of Garrison Petawawa.

Today Gallagher has been charged with 18 additional sexual assault (8), voyeurism(9) and assault (1) charges in relation to 10 additional victims.

Gallagher was arrested on March 31st and on April first the 31 year old was charged with 8 counts of sexual assault and 2 of voyeurism.

Sgt Kristine Rae with the OPP says they are pleading with women to come forward who may have had contact with Gallagher across Ontario and Quebec...

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Sgt. Rae adds they are not ruling out the use of drugs in relation to the assaults and there are serious health concerns that need to be shared with the women who may have been put at risk.

Contact the Upper Ottawa Valley OPP detachment at 613-735-0188 or ...

Garrison Petawawa Corporal Derrick Gallagher to Face Dozens More Charges

Posted By: Ashley Thomson · 4/16/2014 4:05:00 PM

Dozens more charges are expected to be laid against 31 year old Garrison Petawawa Corporal Derrick Gallagher tomorrow morning in a Pembroke Court Room.

Gallagher is already facing 8 charges of sexual assault and 2 counts of voyeurism.

Police want to speak with any woman who has ever been alone with Gallagher saying there may be victims from not only the Upper Ottawa Valley, but Ottawa, several other area's of the province and Quebec dating back to 2007.

Police also add that drugs may have been involved in the assaults.

On March 29th Upper Ottawa Valley OPP launched an investigation into a report of sexual assault and Gallagher was arrested on Monday March 31st and remand into custody.