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at 19:05 on June 24, 2016, EDT.

Texas city council votes to oust library cat

WHITE SETTLEMENT, Texas — A North Texas city council has started a cat fight by voting to oust the furry mascot of the city's public library.


at 17:52 on June 24, 2016, EDT.

Court bites back, exonerates Michigan TV vet who saved dog

DETROIT — A Boston terrier named Mr. Pigglesworth is as frisky as ever — and the Michigan veterinarian who saved the dog's life on a reality TV show has been cleared of misconduct.


at 09:57 on June 23, 2016, EDT.

German man recovers buried treasure lost in floods

BERLIN — German authorities say an elderly man in Bavaria has recovered his fortune, which he'd hidden at home for safety only to have recent floods make the building uninhabitable.


at 12:25 on June 22, 2016, EDT.

Bear that walks like a human re-emerges in New Jersey

OAK RIDGE, N.J. — A New Jersey black bear that walks upright on its two hind legs and has become a social media darling has re-emerged and has been captured on video months after its last sighting.


at 08:46 on June 22, 2016, EDT.

Calgary park gets its goats: Animals part of pilot project to control weeds

CALGARY — They're lean, mean, eating machines.


at 15:32 on June 21, 2016, EDT.

Mystery brews in Atlanta: Someone stole a whole lot of beer

ATLANTA — A mystery is brewing in Atlanta, where someone stole an ocean of beer.


at 10:37 on June 13, 2016, EDT.

Holy punch! Cyprus priest punches best man at wedding

NICOSIA, Cyprus — The best man slapped the groom on the back, which is an old Cypriot wedding custom. The priest punching the best man would be an innovation.


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