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Wednesday is Pink Shirt Day To End Bullying


Bullying isn't a joke, it doesn't make you "cool" and you won't have a bigger group of friends for making fun of someone else. Bullying takes on so many different forms these days it's hard to keep track. A couple of years ago the movement to end bullying started in Vancouver and moved east... then around the world. Tomorrow is the big day to wear your Pink shirt but maybe also take time out to think about how bullying has affected Canadians this year. How it's affected your friends, your children, parents, neighbours, etc. Bullying doesn't just happen in school. More and more I hear about adults who are being bullied in the workplace, at the hockey rink, or in their own homes. Unfortunately we have heard of the negative effects of bullying a little to much this year- from an older woman working as a bus monitor, to the suicide of Vancouver teen Amanda Todd. Tonight in Cobden a presentation is being given by the Phoenix Center for Youth and Families on how to deal with the effects of being left behind by someone who has committed suicide. Unfortunately there seems to be a right rate of suicide in Renfrew County. 

I promise that I will make an effort to be more conscience of the words I say and the feeling of the people that my words affect. I also promise to be more aware of how people are effected by social media and what I possibly write also has consequences. Sometimes we end up being bullies when we don't even realize it. 

Tomorrow I will wear PINK, but today, I will start to try and put an end to bullying.

On Wednesday, dress in pink to raise awareness about bullying. (Facebook)