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Kids react to seeing a Walkman

I don't know if this video is funny or sad?!   >>>

Never Too Young


Colourful Igloo That's Truly Unbelievable

What to do during winter???  How about build an IGLOO!!! Check out the colourful igloo Daniel Gray built in Edmonton.  The structure took 5 days to complete, 500 ice bricks and hundreds of milk cartons filled with coloured water to make the bricks.  I think this is a great idea and looks great!!!  check out the full story here.... >>>

Hockey Day in Canada

So this weekend is Hockey Day in Canada, the one day a year where everyone is united by Hockey.  On Star96 we have the Sens playing the Rangers @ 2pm.  What are you plans for the day?  Here are a few ideas..... - have a skating party....head out to an outdoor rink for some fresh air and fun, then head home for chili and the game - host a hockey party....invite guest to come watch the games at your house....with ... >>>