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Brad Paisley Grabbed This Fan’s GoPro Camera And Used It To Play A Slide Guitar Solo

Usually when you’re out there filming a concert, the first thing you might see happen is a security guard taking the camera away or the musician getting mad because you’re breaking some sacred bond. Not at this Brad Paisley show. >>>

Michael Jackson on Beer Bottles

Ever wonder what Michael Jackson sounds like when done on a bunch of beer bottles??  check out this video >>>

Camping Tips for Music Festivals

1. Get There Early. The best tent sites will disappear quickly, so show up as early as you can to avoid the traffic. If the festival allows reservations, make one–even if it costs you a few bucks, it’ll pay off. 2. Plan for Changes in the Weather. Many of the most popular music festivals take place in climates where temperatures can dramatically shift in a few hours. Dress in layers and bring plenty of waterproof gear. 3. Plan ... >>>