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Kayla's Stop Bullying Speech

So the other day I got an email from a listener.  Kayla Biskup, she’s 12 years old and goes to Mackenzie School in Deep River.  She told me how she worked on a speech which was very important to her about bullying.  Unfortunately she wasn’t able to deliver the speech at school, so she asked if I could do anything.  Please take a look at Kayla’s speech as she worked very hard on it.  Bullying is never right.  If you ... >>>

Maple Syrup @ Shaw Woods

Have you ever wondered how we get Maple Syrup?  Well I found out this past weekend while I was hiking at Shaw Woods.   We happened across Rick Klatt who was getting everything ready for their Sugar Bush Event.  Rick was kind enough to give us a quick tour of their syrup producing station.  We learned a lot, from how the native people produced maple syrup using heated rocks right up to the more modern methods.    I was surprised to find ... >>>

Madden NFL 15 Gets It RIGHT!!

  Here's a rundown of what this year's Madden NFL simulation got right: The Seahawks going on a run in the second half and New England being down 24-14 in the 3rd quarter Julian Edelman catching the winning TD pass AND the EXACT type of pass play that made it happen Final score 28-24 Tom Brady being named Super Bowl MVP EA Sports' Madden Super Bowl simulation has now accurately predicted nine of the past twelve Super Bowl winners. >>>

KHL AllStar Skills Competition

ok if you thought the NHL has some great talent, check out the awesome shootout goal from the KHL Skills Competition   >>>